About Me
About Me
Our desire is to make beautiful designs come alive.

We are engaged in providing distinct craftsmanship. We provide a wide range of fabric and detail options for any desired style or pattern. We endeavor to keep a record of patterns and measurements of our clients.

Our singular purpose is to make each client feel unique by making designs which are particularly-crafted to match their personal sense of style.


Dajoiva is a brand tailored to bring out the royalty in every one. We offer a range of exquisite, fashionable and comfy bridal wears for the significant day. Our dresses wow, shock, impress and delight. With our designs, every bride is a star.

We are ready to design your bridal wears the way you want, the way that adds more color to your event. Because we believe fashion is an expression of self. 


Our bespoke service takes clients through a fulfilling process; from picking fabrics, to fitting, to final detailed tailoring. 

Since Bespoke tailoring service demands an appreciable amount of time than ready-made wears, our bespoke wears are designed perfectly for each individual at a competitive price. If you have a preference for exquisitely-made clothes that are created to fit your own unique shape and body, you can never go wrong with Dajoiva bespoke tailoring.

With Daijova, you have the option of getting your clothes tailored specially for you. Providing a distinct craftsmanship with excellent tailor-made wears.